Investments and Portfolio Management

Portfolios Built to Preserve Wealth

Focusing on asset allocation

Most investors and money managers spin their wheels trying to time the market.  Studies have shown that more than 94% of investment return comes from the mix of assets over the long run, while only 6% comes from timing and individual stock selection.  Clearly, asset mix trumps market timing.  Recognizing this fundamental reality of investing, we focus with each client on identifying an appropriate risk/return profile and long-term asset allocation strategy.

Constructing cost-efficient, diversified portfolios

Managing your portfolio is too important to leave to chance.  We use research from Nobel Laureates, coupled with our own independent analysis, to engineer cost-efficient, diversified portfolios that incorporate thousands of stocks and bonds from around the globe.  We add alternative assets like real estate, currencies and precious metals to enhance the diversification.    

Avoiding big mistakes

Studies show that most investors under-perform the market - dramatically.  Why?  They speculate at the top of the market and retrench or pull out in a panic at the bottom.  Avoiding the great mistakes of investing has everything to do with knowing where you want to go, having a plan for getting there, and following that plan.  That is how we strive to secure your financial future.