Tailored Investment Strategy

Your overall asset allocation is the single most important factor in determining your portfolio's long-term expected return. That's why we don't build your portfolio based on speculation or market timing, but rather on the science of capital markets and the power of asset class investing.  We use a balance of two styles of investment: Well researched Active Management complemented by efficient and economical Passive Management.

Because each asset class plays a different role in your portfolio, the whole is often greater than the sum of its parts.

By relying on a data-driven investment approach, we can remove some of the guesswork and construct portfolios designed to capture sources of higher expected returns.

Growth Series:

Designed for investors with a high-risk tolerance who seek to generate a high level of long-term capital appreciation.

Balanced Series:

Designed for investors with a moderate risk tolerance who seek capital appreciation and current income.

Income Series:

Designed for investors with a low to moderate risk tolerance who seek more current income and stability from their portfolio.

Transition Series:

Designed for investors who want to hold individual stocks for reasons like low-cost basis, trading restrictions, family promises, or personal interest.  This tends to be a transition portfolio to a more broadly diversified portfolio.